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Why Choose Vinyl?

Realistic - A good vinyl floor will always grab your attention and looks and feels like the real thing. No one will know the difference!

Versatile - A vinyl tile is suitable for any room in the home. It is practical for wet areas unlike laminates and woods that may be affected by water spillages.

lg vinyl2Quiet - Where laminate and wood can be noisy when you walk on them , vinyl is not so it can be used on any level of your home.

Warm - Vinyls are warmer to touch than other types of flooring such as ceramics, making you able to recreate the look of a tiled floor without the cold feeling you get in the winter.

Low Maintenance - Any vinyl is easy to clean which makes it low maintenance, unlike sanding and sealing wood floors or replacing a chipped tile.

Hygenic - Vinyls have a great deal of practical advantages over other types of flooring. It will not collect and harbour dirt, so it makes it very suitable for the family environment.

Affordable - Considering the beauty and practicality of a vinyl floor they can be very affordable.

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